A group of students inspired by Joel S Goldsmith's The Infinite Way message
to experience the Presence of God, through Tape and Book Classes, Dedicated Study and Meditation.
Found Watching
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Infinite Way Students of the Ozarks

You are invited to participate in a Joel S. Goldsmith - Infinite Way Study Group

7 Found Watching - Original art by George Denninger
"Found Watching"

"Early in the morning, we begin our day
with a sense of expectancy of what the Father
will present for us to do.
Once the work is given us,
a quiet smile comes in the remembrance
that He that has given it to us, performs it.
The entire day is filled with joy
in watching the glory of the Father unfold
as our individual experience."
~ Joel S Goldsmith

God's Work is never copyrighted. Freely ye have received, freely give.

II Cor 3:17
...where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.