A group of students inspired by Joel S Goldsmith's The Infinite Way message
to experience the Presence of God, through Tape and Book Classes, Dedicated Study and Meditation.
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Quotes from Joel Goldsmith that guide this group
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Infinite Way Students of the Ozarks

Quotes from Joel that guide this group

Pillar of Clouds
"Pillar of Clouds"

Matt 6:33
33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.

"We must understand that the message of The Infinite Way is not to give the world a new teaching, but to give the world an experience. The Infinite Way is actually a God-experience, a Christ-experience. The Infinite Way is not its writings, lectures, or classes. These are the instruments leading us to The Infinite Way, but The Infinite Way itself is the God-experience." ~Joel

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“…the only way that the message of The Infinite Way can be kept pure is for every individual to be responsible to himself or herself in God, and to be sure that their authority reaches nowhere at all outside of their own being.”

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“Be assured that if I made any rule that would in any wise stop the progress of any one of our teachers, that teacher would go right on developing, if not inside The Infinite Way, then outside it, because no one can control consciousness. No one can make rules for consciousness. An individual will break out of any rule the moment his consciousness it prepared for it…”

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“…there must never be an Infinite Way organization, because the moment there is, there is either an individual, or a board of trustees, or a board of directors, and then they become the deciding factor as to where you shall live, and when, and what you shall do.”

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"There is a tremendous power in the consciousness of any individual who so attains this inner union as to receive these impartations of scriptural promises. And by bringing ourselves to those who have attained some measure of that, we partake in a measure of their Grace. 'I if I be lifted up shall draw all men' unto that same level of consciousness. We benefit by each other's realized Grace. Whatever degree of Grace you and I attain, we share with each other and find it multiplied among ourselves.

'Where two or more are gathered together' in the same consciousness there is this power felt on even a greater degree. And that's why it is that so much must be kept out of our consciousness of the world's loves and hates, of the world's fears and doubts in order that as we come together, this inflow of the Spirit can find Itself multiplied on earth. Then not only are we, individually and collectively, a blessing to all around us but to all those in far places who in some way or other have been led to reach and touch our consciousness.

Never think for a moment that these people find our consciousness by any human means. They don't. They are spiritually directed from within, and they reach out all over the world just as we reach out all over the world to those who have illumination, and we find ourselves one with God once again. "

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"Now, it is for this reason that whatever of truth is revealed to us is something that we must work with within ourselves up to the point of realization; in other words, not try to share it, not try to heal somebody with it, not try to teach somebody it, except what we do silently. Rather, work with it within your own consciousness until you have achieved a measure of that light or experience, and then from there on, you will be directed how, when, and where, and under what circumstances to share, to impart, to reveal. And ultimately you will have a part in God's unfoldment to human consciousness and you will play that part as practitioner, as healer, as teacher or lecturer or writer - in whatever way God chooses."

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"More and more we must become the spectator or witness. We must become the beholder of Life and Its harmonies. Each morning we should awaken with eagerness to watch the new day unfolding and revealing each hour new joys and victories. Several times each day we should consciously realize that we are witnessing the revelation of Life eternal, the unfolding of Consciousness and Its infinite expression, the activity of Spirit and Its grand formations. In every situation of our daily experience, let us learn to stand back of ourselves and see God at work, witness the play of Love upon our affairs, and watch God reveal Himself in all those about us.

Every night we should realize that our rest does not bring to a close God's activity in our experience, but that Love is the protecting influence and substance of our rest, that Consciousness is imparting Its ideas to us even in sleep, that Principle is the guiding law throughout the night. Nothing from without can enter consciousness to defile, and this truth stands guard at our mental portals to admit only reality and its harmonies.

Be a beholder, a witness. Watch the unveiling of the Christ in your consciousness.

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"The student of spiritual wisdom cannot go through his day, satisfied that he has read some truth in the morning, or that he is going to hear some truth in the afternoon or evening. There must be a conscious activity of truth going on all the time. That does not mean that we neglect our human duties and activities; it means that we train ourselves to have some area in consciousness always active in truth. Whether we look out at forms of nature such as trees, flowers, or oceans, or whether we are meeting people, we find some measure of God in each experience. We train ourselves to behold the presence and activity of God in everything around us and to abide in the Word."

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"'I have meat to eat that ye know not of. . . .' I have bread, wine, water. . . . I am the resurrection. All the power of healing, redemption, and regeneration is within me.

This is the Master's transcendental teaching.

As human beings, we place our reliance on persons and things in the outer world, on education, money, bonds, or investments. That man who has his being in Christ places his entire reliance on Spirit and trusts it to bring forth all that is necessary in the outer realm. Whenever faced with some need or desire, let us realize Spirit as the source of its fulfillment; let us realize Spirit as the law unto it, even the law of multiplication should that be necessary. Then let us go about our business, whatever it may be, taking such human footsteps as may be necessary at the moment. This is living a normal, natural life, but letting the Spirit, the Infinite Invisible, be the law of it, the substance of it, the cause of it, and the harmonious maintainer and sustainer of it. In short, we make no change in our present mode of living, except as the Spirit, Itself, may pick us up and direct us into new activity."

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"Through the use of scriptural passages, we build such a consciousness of the ever-presence of the Infinite Invisible that although we continue to enjoy and appreciate everything in the world of form, everything that exists as effect, yet never again do we have the feeling that we need or require anything. Inasmuch as God's grace is our sufficiency, we do not live by effect alone, but by every word of truth that has been embodied in our consciousness and by every passage of truth that we have made our own. Every word of truth must be learned and made a part of our consciousness so that it becomes flesh of our flesh and bone of our bone, until the past, present, and future are all bound up in the conscious realization of God's grace as our sufficiency. In other words, our consciousness of truth is the source, substance, activity, and law of our daily experience."

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"We, who are practicing the Presence, are of the few who know what ultimately will save the world. It is above all things the acknowledgment that no man on earth is our father: There is one universal Father within us, and united with Him, we are united with every spiritual child of God throughout the world. Our love for God constitutes our love for the people of the world. We no longer hate; we no longer fear. We need not punish; we need not seek vengeance: We need only withdraw into ourselves and contemplate our oneness with God and with one another."

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"As we go into the healing work, the first calls will be for what the world calls 'lesser claims,' and in a short time we may begin to think, 'Oh, I have some understanding,' or 'I am getting results through my understanding.' If we do, we shall never become successful practitioners or teachers, because we can never heal through our understanding, God forbid that God's presence and power should be dependent upon our understanding!

Healing is an activity of the Christ; it is an activity of God's understanding. We have been thinking in terms of my life, my health, my supply, my worthiness, my understanding, and these are not involved at all: It is God's life, God's health, God's supply, God's worthiness, God's understanding. The Master made that very clear when he said that of his own self he could do nothing; it was the Father within; therefore, it was the Father's understanding. The moment we open our consciousness to the flow of God and stop all this nonsense about our understanding and our good or bad behavior, we can be assured of this: The flow of God will erase and purify whatever of error or deed is in our thought today and will wipe out all penalty for past infractions. We must come into the realization that it is not our understanding that does this, but God's, and we must come out from the old Judaic ideas and beliefs of a God of punishment and reward. God is not a God of punishment and reward. God is love. God is life."

God's Work is never copyrighted. Freely ye have received, freely give.

John 1:17
17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.