Infinite Way Students
of the Ozarks

A group of students inspired by Joel S. Goldsmith's Infinite Way message to experience the Presence of God, through Tape and Book Classes, Dedicated Study and Meditation.

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7 Found Watching - Original art by George Denninger

And "Early in the morning, we begin our day
with a sense of expectancy of what the Father
will present for us to do.
Once the work is given us,
a quiet smile comes in the remembrance
that He that has given it to us, performs it.
The entire day is filled with joy
in watching the glory of the Father unfold
as our individual experience."
~ Joel Goldsmith

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Joel S. Goldsmith - Infinite Way
Study Group

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Evening Meditations
10PM-Midnight Central Time US
(GMT -06:00)
(The Daily Lesson is prepared each day
during this meditation.)

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is an activity of the study group found at:
It is a progression of excerpts from tapes recorded by Joel, or from his books or writings.
It appears each day, together with the addition of corroborating scripture
and inspired comments by Al Denninger, to take into meditation and live with throughout your day.

Students note: There are words that are capitalized throughout this work.
These words are used as if they are a synonym for, or as an activity of God.
The portions that are italicized are spontaneous meditations.

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The subject for our current study is the complete book
By Joel S Goldsmith
We began Chapter 10 "THE VISION TO BEHOLD" on April 29th, 2015

THE DAILY LESSON - May 22, 2015

"Above all things, success will depend upon secrecy. Secrecy and sacredness go hand in hand. If the search for God is sacred to us, we shall never permit it to be defiled by exposing it to the profane. We will not wear a sacred robe in public, nor put on a sanctimonious face before our friends. Outwardly, we shall appear to be as all other men and women, but inwardly, we shall remember the sacred nature of the search for God and hold it a secret to be seen only by its fruitage, but never by our voicing it, nor by our trying to proselyte. That does not mean that we should withhold the cup of cold water, but having offered our cup of cold water, let us remember that those to whom it has been offered will have to drink of it for themselves, and they must be the ones to come back and ask for more." ~Joel

Ps 91:1,2
1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.

"Trust the Infinite Omnipresent and Love our neighbor's without condition, simply for the sake of Loving." ~Al

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